Monday, January 12, 2009

Stripwork Rework

The updated version of the Stripwork Jumper eBook is now available on YCMT!

As with the Easy-Fits, I added size 6 months for the little ones. Here is the tiny test jumper:


The "Love You To Pieces" applique is by the talented Kris of Starbright Designs. This design couldn't be more perfect for the jumper! The size is just right for the itty-bitty bodice, and the "pieces" theme ties in with the stripwork on the skirt. Kris also digitized the adorable designs on the jumpers that these cuties modeled for the new eBook cover:


So besides an extra size and a new look, what else did I do to this eBook? The answer is LOTS. I wrote this eBook when I was still offering paper versions, so I tried to keep the page count down. All the steps were in there, but they were more condensed than my current style. So I fleshed things out a bit, adding details and diagrams where I felt they were needed.

I worked in directions for underlining the bodice. Underlining adds so much body and stability, which is really needed to support the weight of the skirt. Also, I've noticed that the neckline ruffles have a tendency to give in to gravity in the larger sizes. I resized them a bit, and gave a much more in-depth description of how to add them. Between that and the underlining, your ruffles will behave and stay upright now. In addition, I included dimensions/instructions for making a solid skirt. It is a modification I've seen made many times, and it so fast and easy to "whip up."

In other news, Kim just posted a new step for the Scrappy Quilt Sew-Along! Here are some of my squares:


So far this hasn't been much work at all, and I'm learning some new approaches to quilting. I'm looking forward to the next step!


Courtney said...

So excited to try the new jumpers! I have been wanting to make some for my girls and it sounds like I waited just long enough! :)

I LOVE those designs from Kris!

Teresa Pomerantz said...

yet another great update! I have got to start cutting out pieces so I will actually sew instead of covet.

Dana said...

The stripwork jumper is like, my favourite pattern! I've made tons of them! So, if I go to my library and download it again, will it be the new version or do I need to purchase it again???


Carla Hegeman Crim said...

Thanks for the compliments, all!

Dana, if you purchased the eBook after mid-2007 (when YCMT got all those cool features added), the new version will be right there in your library. Please let me know if you purchased it earlier and I will make sure you get the update :) .

Jennifer said...

I too am a fan of the strip work jumper. I got the new updated version of the easy fit pants, but the updated jumper isnt there :(. I did purchase it in the bundle pack, does that make a difference?

Carla Hegeman Crim said...

Hey Jennifer! I'll bet it does have something to do with the bundle pack, and I know Kim will get it fixed as soon as possible. I'll keep you posted :) .

Jennifer said...

Awesome! I'll keep checking too. Thanks for responding.

phins_jazy said...

Just wanted to add that I'm loving your patterns. I've got the easy fits, the bowling shirt, the portrait peasant and I'm contemplating the raglan and the stripwork jumper. Just don't tell my DH!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Carla!

I can't find an email address for you, I was on your Thrifty team and have a question for you... can you shoot me an email at Thanks!!!!

HeatherSue said...

I am loving the fabrics you're using on the quilt!! They look vintage. It's going to be gorgeous!!