Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update x 3

It has been a few weeks since I released an eBook update. I haven't been slacking off, I promise! I've actually been working on three of them all at once - Festive Vests, Bowling Shirts, and Perfectly Preppy Skorts and Skirts. These eBooks are my most recent publications, so they didn't need a whole lot in the way of modernization. Reformatting and proofing took a while, however, as each of these eBooks contains numerous pages of instructions and multiple pattern pieces (lots of 1" squares to paste).

The update process wasn't all tedious computer work, I must confess. I had an absolute blast sewing up some sweet springy sets. Louie has been my "cover boy" for the bowling shirt and vest, but I wanted to show off the girlie potential of these two eBooks.

First up is precious Chloe modeling the Festive Vest and the pleated version of Perfectly Preppy. The fabrics are from the Andalucia line by the talented Patty Young. Those yummy colors combined with Kimberbell's applique design make for the perfect ice cream sundae! Our dolly model is Josephina.




Next out on the runway is lovely Emma in a Bowling Shirt and the flouncy version of Perfectly Preppy. The fabrics are from the Snow Flower line from Dena Fishbein, who is not only an amazing graphic artist, but host of Embellish This! - one of my favorite DIY shows! The candy colors and whimsical prints are just spot-on for these retro threads. The requisite pink poodle design is from Kimberbell, and the little dolly gal is Samantha.




The freshened-up versions of these eBooks are now live on YCMT - if you already own them, the updated files can be found on your "My Library" page. I've also put together a brand-new bundle pack which contains all three of these eBooks. With this combo, you can create feminine ensembles like the ones shown above, or make coordinating pieces for sisters and brothers.


Teresa Pomerantz said...

That vest- with the Ice Cream sundae- is precious! Love it.

Dawn said...

Those outfits are adorable!! Love the fabric combinations.

Courtney said...

I just saw these on YCMT this morning!

I loved seeing how cute they could be for girls!

7th Heaven Boutique said...

wow I love the vest and the ice cream sundae on the back is toooo cute ... as well as the fabric combos !
You are so very talented I am gonna go broke sewing away all the adorable things you create ...
Keep it up and Thanks for sharing your talents .

Mom of 2 princesses said...

Love the way those outfits came out! And I was just looking at them on YCMT this morning! I plan on buying that skirt pattern later today! YAH!

Three Prince Designs said...

So cute- love them . I have been meaning to get the bowling shirt pattern to coordinate with your easy pant ebook that I have.


Mama Krit said...

Everytime I read one of your posts I yell for my husband to come look so I can show him just HOW cute your patterns are (so he'll let me buy them!).
I just yelled, "Love, come see what Carla C made today!" he rolled his eyes (without even coming to look, I might add!) and said, "Just buy it already!"

I guess he knows me too well!

I love the skirts, they re now on my wishlist. :)

Kris said...

Yeah Carla! Those look great! Those girls are so, so cute. And I love the embroidery designs on them- perfect match!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Carla, you always have the neatest stuff. I don’t know why you’d have to revise any of them. But I’m sure that you love the chance to do so—if for no other reason that you get to make the new outfits for you to have as models! They look GREAT! ~Shelly~

Stephanie said...

I had a friend come over very upset that she couldn't figure out what to do for the western themed father/daughter dance. I printed out your vest pattern and we made it in less than an hour. Like your others, it is a great pattern, and I love how you girled it up. I also forget about the pleated skirt because I love the flouncy one so much. It looks great with the vest.

Pookie said...

WOW! Those are GREAT I just finished up 2 dresses for my girls, I gotta get them uploaded soon. I love the color combos you picked awesome choices. Also gotta go d/l the updated books. Can't wait to see what you tweaked.

Happy crafting,