Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun, Hon!

My best girls from Upstate NY are here this weekend!!! Caryn (on the left) comes to town twice a year to sell incredible jewelry with her husband Cole at the Sugarloaf Craft festival. She is also a fellow YCMT author! She is THE Pie Girl who shares her secrets to delectable fillings and an amazing crust in this eBook. We've had so many amazing feasts at her house, and those gatherings were greatly missed when we moved away from Ithaca. I'm so happy that we still get to reconnect in various cities. This time she brought along sweet Julie (on the right), another wonderful foodie friend. She owned the Cabbagetown Cafe in the 70's and 80's, and is a well-known vegetarian cookbook author. Needless to say, when these two come to town, we eat lots of healthy, delicious food.


Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, and we spent the afternoon in Hampden, the hippest, quirkiest, most delightful little neighborhood in Baltimore. It is home to the Honfest, a celebration of beehive hairdos, horned-rimmed glasses, and all things kitschy. Our first stop was Cafe Hon.


Of course Louie had to wear a retro Bowling Shirt. Julie stole the spotlight in a Sis Boom Tunic by Jennifer Paganelli. I've never seen a grown-up get so many compliments on a shirt! Even Elvis noticed! It was absolutely perfect for her and she was so happy and comfortable in it.


Can you tell what these ornaments are made out of? And don't you just love yoda??? So clever!


The shopping in Hampden is beyond description. I've never seen so many artsy, fun shops on one block. We spent hours browsing and even came home with a few treasures.


Louie was a great sport and completely amused in most of the stores. He was really impressed to see that "big boy pants" were available in size Squirrel! Today we are out to enjoy more lovely weather and of course, more shopping!


HeatherSue said...

I must say, horn rimmed glasses are a good look for you! LOL! You really do look cute in them. It sounds like you all had a great time. I was hoping the tunic your friend was wearing was a YCMT pattern. Darn!

Squirrel Underpants?! LOL! That's the kind of thing that amuses me as well, Louie.

Leslie said...

Whaaat?! YCMT has more than sewing stuff?! Seriously, I need to branch out more. We definately need more info on your friends comfy top!!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I hope she feels as pretty as she looks!!! So wonderful when old buds get together and then you add beehive hairdoos and there is no telling what might happen....So nice to see you all out and about..louie must have gotten a ton of attention!!

crystal_crtr2 said...

It looks like you guys had a really great time. It always good to spend time with friends.

Psst....That's not Yoda.

Tom said...

Looks like you all had fun! We have a nearby town that has all sorts of artsy little stores in it too! So fun to look around and window shop.
Squirrel underpants? Too funny!

Courtney said...

How fun! I really enjoyed hearing about it and seeing your pictures! :)

Cathy said...

Oh what a great day! The weather is fantastic! Louie looks like he had a grand time with you cool chicks! hahaha! I did notice Julie's tunic by Jennifer cause I was drooling over them the other night! Such awesome fabrics! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

...t. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the tunic...of course it IS my favorite color, so that can't hurt!

Mindy said...

Squirrel underpants?! hahaha That is too funny! Looks like you all had a great time! And you look great in those glasses!

Micayla said...

Am I the only one still trying to figure out what the ornaments are made of?

...t. said...

LOL....They're crab shells! I guess if you don't live by the shore that may be less obvious.