Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beautiful morning


The honeysuckle is in full bloom, and the aroma is heavenly! Lou loves to draw the pistils out of the flowers for the sweet little drops of nectar.


Both the guys are wearing their new Sis Boom Boxers (I'm in mine too, but no pics of the disheveled photographer). When I was working on the patterns, I made lots of shorts for the whole family and we are loving them. They are especially great on mornings like this when one just wants to get up and go right outside.


Check out Del in his Tommy Boxers (I'm a lucky woman, I know)! I used Claire Blocks from the Bellbottoms line - it is discontinued, but there is still yardage to be found on the internet. I can't wait to get my hands on Jennifer's new Poodle line - there are some geometrics in there that will be perfect for the menfolk.


Lou is still in Cover Boy mode after his modeling session with Tim Geaney. Today he insisted on wearing some "bling" and made himself a necklace out of paperclips.


The garden is doing great this year! We've had a good mix of heat and rain, and the crops (and the weeds) are going crazy.


We've already harvested lots of radishes and greens, and the sugar snap peas are just starting to fill out.


For the first time ever, we have a bumper crop of cilantro. Last year I had a few scrawny plants that ended up going to seed, and this year we are enjoying the progeny. We have some younger ones coming along from seed that I planted after frost. Hopefully they will be nice and full when the tomatoes are ripe so we can make salsa. Anyone have any suggestions for freezing/saving the stuff that is ready now?


The raised beds that looked like burial mounds a few weeks ago are covered with lettuce, bok choy, kale, and squash. The backyard is a sea of green...


...with a touch of pink!


Shannon said...

What hunks you have! LOVE the Tommy & Louey! Your guys are sportin' them great!

Your garden is looking fantastic. Great work! Enjoy the harvest of your labor.

Cathy said...

Oh those boxers are great!!! Love how comfy they are! The garden is amazing already...look at all of those fresh veggy's. Sorry I am no help on the cilantro...but I bet freezing it fresh would probably work. Keep on growin!!!

Jennifer said...

Those amazing men of yours!!!!!!! And those amazing roses...looks like you have the best of both worlds. xoxoxo

Marnie said...

LOVEEEE the pattern for the boxers! They are great, the pattern is amazing, of course, and my husband is even willing to wear the one I made hime, even though they are mostly pink! I am on my
3rd pair for my daughter and her friends (5 more to make tomorrow). Should be a breeze since you making sewing so easy. Thanks so much!! PS. I also love your garden, it looks great. Happy Holiday, Marnie