Saturday, May 1, 2010


So many happy things to post about!


The plants are in the ground! I put them in last weekend, in fact. It was kind of chilly and predicted to be very rainy early in the week, but I figured that the plants would prefer that over the scorching heat that was forcasted for this weekend (and actually happened). So far so good - everything is green and growing!


The paper patterns arrived (all 2700+ pounds of them)! They are BEAUTIFUL, and only occupy 1/3 of our unused formal living room. Of course, I want them to find new homes, so I will be getting wholesale/retail ordering information together very soon!


My awesome husband built us the coolest patio set! We fixed up the wrought iron curbside-find chairs I mentioned here last month. I say "we," but the only thing I had to do was staple marine vinyl and batting to the seats. He cleaned and spray painted the chairs, poured the concrete tabletop (using scrap wood we had on hand to make the form, and old wire shelves as reinforcement), and built the base out of inexpensive deck supports from Home Depot. We love it! All the set needs now is a classy tablecloth, and I'm holding out for Jennifer's laminates!


And just to add some "fluff" to this post...we picked up a 5 lb bucket of Marshmallow Fluff at Restaurant Depot last weekend. At just over a buck a pound, who could resist? We used about 3 tablespoons last week, so at this rate it should last us 14.3 years (no, I didn't really do that math...I thought about it, but that would mean figuring out the density of fluff, etc.). Anyway, hopefully the bucket will be empty in time for our grandchildren to take it to the beach.


Most importantly, Mother's day is coming up!!! Even if you aren't a mom in the traditional sense, you certainly have provided nurturing, and have been the recipient of nurturing along the way. I really feel like that is what the day is about...just appreciating those who care for others, no matter what!

We are celebrating in grand fashion this year! My sweet mama Elizabeth is coming to town on Tuesday, and we are heading up to Wilton, CT (with Louie in tow) for the awesome Sis Boom Big Sale! Jennifer's stylish mama Patricia will be there too, so it will truly be a celebration of women who inspire creativity and spunk! If you are in a 2,000 mile radius of Wilton, please come and see us! I'll be there all day Thursday and Friday, cutting yards and yards of gorgeous Sis Boom fabric!!! My paper patterns will also be making their debut there, so you'll have all the makings for beautiful, custom, one-of-a-kind clothing creations!


OK, I know this post has been very mama-centric, but you might have gotten the hint from the pics above...Jennifer and I working on a pair of patterns that the boys in you life will LOVE! They are with the testers right now, and passing with flying colors. We promise that they will be here in plenty of time for Father's Day! In the meantime, sew up those tunics and peasants for the great women in your life!!!


Cathy said...

How exciting about Jennifer's show!!! I agree about the celebration....every day should be mother's day!!!

Those patterns are going to go like hotcakes!!! And that little Louie is just the cutest! I love the pic of him holding the daffodil! Cuteness!!!!

Hope you are enjoying this lovely warm weather this weekend!!!

Jessica with Magical*Memories*by*Jessica said...

I agree with Cathy about the patterns! I know they'll go like hotcakes!

What a cute little patio set! I see Del is quite handy with all things!

Hmm, 2000 miles? I probably fit within that. Better start driving now so I can make it in time! Have fun at the sale. I really would love to come and see everything some time. My pocketbook would not!

Heather said...

I love that first picture of Lou!

I'm so excited about the debut of your paper patterns! They are going to do so well!

Yep, I'm pretty sure I live within that 2000 mile radius,too. LOL! I wish I could be there!

Jennifer's laminates? I'm going to have to check that out!

The patio set is too cool! I would never have thought to make a table out of cement like that.

designdreamer said...

congrats on the patterns.
Just what does one DO with marshmallow fluff?

DuhBe said...

Does he always walk on air like that? Very cool photo!

Congrats on the patterns and the patio set.

Check the Martha Stewart website for using marshmallow fluff. There was an episode last week where they made DIY moon pies with fluff and chocolate, it made me want to buy a jar just to try it.

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

You have been blogged my dear! If you have better idea on shooting boxers with out willing models let me know! I am ALL ears and will take any suggestions. My men LOVE the boxers, just didn't love the idea of being blogged in them! So I did my best. I love this pattern. It will be well used for sure! A big hug and a thank you!

My word verification is stoning. Stoning??? You wonder where they get these words!

agordon said...

I am loving your patterns :) have almost all of them now. Am stalking the paper patterns because really really want the peasant blouse one so be sure to let us know somehow when they are out for sale...pretty please ;-)