Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Jamie!

You asked for it...more pics of the new Jamie Dress, modeled by our lovely testers!


Here is sweet Jenny in her gorgeous Jamie sundress made from Honey Child Danielle fabric. LOVE the flip-flops and the gerbera daisies! That girl is single-handedly bringing summer to Texas!!! Check out her blog to see the coordinating Marissa dress she made her precious little daughter.


Above is another beautiful babe from the Lone Star State! Shannon's dress is made of Nelly Melon, also from the Honey Child collection. This talented girl has been busy lately...check out her new Etsy Shop!


Jeanne made this Easter Dress for her stunning daughter (who managed to look perfectly springy despite the freezing cold).


Here is Teresa, a lovely Midwestern lass who brightens the landscape right up! LOVE this purple Rosetta dress on her. Check out Flickr to see pics of her cute little redheaded daughter in her coordinating Marissa dress.


Angie, Tester Tom's wife, is looking amazing in the dress he made for her. According to Tom, she wasn't thrilled to be out in the cold, but she still managed a pretty smile (the things we women do for the guys we love). The regal fabric is Dolin from Queen Street. He also made some beautiful Marissa dresses for his daughter - see them on Flickr!


I absolutely adore this picture of my girl Cathy in her Jamie Dress! That fabric is just perfect for her (Honey Child Danielle), and I love the style with her cute bobbed haircut. She only lives a few hours from me, and we are both so ready for green grass and blue skies!!!


And finally, me in my boggy backyard. I used the periwinkle Maritza from Queen Street to whip up a fabulous retro-frock to wear to quilt market later this spring. In honor of the style and my locale (Baltimore suburbs), I teased my hair into a bouffant and put on some frosted lipstick. Now I have this strange urge do the Mashed Potato like Tracy Turnblad (interestingly, John Waters grew up less than a mile from my house, hon).

In addition to requests for more pics of the Jamie dress modeled, I've gotten some great questions about the zipper insertion. The glue sticks I use are the ordinary ones you'd use for paper projects - Elmer's, Scotch Brand, UHU, etc. The glue will come out in the wash, so you don't need to be too picky. As far as the foot goes, I use my regular presser foot with the needle positioned to the far right hand side. I've never been that skilled with the zipper foot...I can't keep the stitching straight with such a narrow base of support. Between the glue and the wider foot, everything stays in place, giving nice even stitching.


Michelle said...

Such a pretty pattern and everyone looks lovely in their dresses. Now I have another one to put on my wish list!

Madeline said...

Carla these are all so wonderful all our models and testers sooo very much..thank you girls and guys!!

Jona said...

It looks gorgeous and so feminine on EVERYONE! I can't wait until things settle down here so I can make mine!

Ginger said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm so glad you posted more pictures of the dress.

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Wonderful to see so much inspiration! I'm trying to organize a sew along for this pattern on my blog since I bought it the other day and got a chance to look it over. A lot of people are really excited about it!

teresajoy said...

Everyone looks so lovely in their dresses!!! They all turned out so beautifully. I am planning on making few more of these very soon!!

Terrie said...

Love your photos, I ordered Sis Boom, Queen Street fabric and looking foward to making this dress. Never put in a zipper, so thank you in advance for your instuctions! Plan on wearing it to my son's college graduation, keep your fingers crossed for me. Keep up the good work!

Mindy said...

Everyone looks GREAT in their dresses!!! This is such a cute pattern!