Monday, March 21, 2011

Zipping along with Marissa and Jamie...


Last week, Jennifer Paganelli and I launched two new dress patterns (and of course I am the last to blog about them...that doesn't mean I'm not excited, I'm just all wrapped up in the next set of patterns)! Jamie and Marissa are classic dresses with lots of gorgeous details that make them modern and special. The straps, the waistline, the full skirt...everyone is swooning! The fitted waistline flatters women and girls of all sizes.


To get a great fit like this, the design requires what the pros call "fit control." It can come in many forms...shirring, ties, buttons, etc. In this case, a zipper was truly the best (and easiest) option. Now I know a lot of folks are afraid of zippers and rightly so...most patterns don't really tell you to install them. Rather, they refer you to the zipper manufacturer's 1/2" wide inserted instructions, which give you multiple options in several different languages.


This pattern actually features a side zipper, so the back is nice and clean. This picture was captured mid-twirl.


Here is another mid-twirl can better see how the back of the dress hangs (and I love her curls)!

Zippers really aren't that hard to install. In fact, it only took me two pages to describe "my way," and I am a super wordy type. I've posted those two pages so you can see for yourself if it is something you want to tackle.



See??? Easy peasy!!! I had several testers who were staunchly "anti-zipper" and they were shocked and amazed at their zipper abilities! The glue stick makes it SO easy! Once you are putting in zippers, think of the sewing doors that will be opened for you!


Jeanne said...

I am not a zipper fan. I usually try to avoid them. When Carla came out with patterns with zippers I knew I'd be okay because everything is easier the Carla way! I have made both the Marissa and Jamie dresses and truly the zippers took no time at all. Thank you Carla for making it easier! I love these patterns. They were so fun and easy to make and best of all my girls love their dresses!

Cathy said...

I am such an absolute fan over these dresses. I think I may start a Jamie and Marissa! I love the styling and I can't believe how easy you made the zipper installation. I just want to thank you for everything really make sewing a successful venture for all levels!

Ginger said...

Love the look of this dress. But I would love to see more photos of other people (besides the cover photo) wearing the dress. I can't decide if it will look good on my "curvy" figure.

Cole's Corner said...

I just made a dress from this pattern for my little girl this week. I just love how it turned out, but I wanted to ask you a couple of questions about it. Do you mind emailing me privately? I can't find an email in your profile. Mine should be connected to mine.

Thank you so much, in advance.
Nicole Scott

Zura said...

I think I have purchased almost all your patterns and I love them all! I just made the Marissa for my girl as I really wanted to try installing zipper. But I was not sure about the glue stick is it the normal paper glue or did you use a special fabric glue? If its a normal glue stick won't it gumm up the needle? Since I don't have the glue, I hand basted the zipper and later followed your way and it was successful nonetheless! Another question, in the pictures, it looks like you used normal foot, was it easier than using the zipper foot? I really want to learn from you Carla, you are THE Guru! :)

Sewing Princess said...

I will try your zipper tutorial soon...Though I have a zipper foot I can never manage to reach perfection...I would also be curious to know what kind of glue to use.
Is there anyway you can purchase the fabric shown on your patterns?

teresajoy said...

Carla, thanks for posting this! I have been recommending this pattern left and right and telling people,
"Do not fear the zipper!!"
This will help convince them, I'm sure! This is such a gorgeous pattern, I want everyone to make it!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

thanks Carla, I purchased this pattern yesterday from YCMT and I planning to cut tomorrow. Can I please suggest you post that gorgeous picture you have of the back of the dress as I spent about 30 mins surfing various sites, flikr groups etc to see what the back looked like.

Your creations are amazing!

judy said...

hi carla! working on mine now, the directions are sooo good! you are amazing!!

The Cheap Chic Momma said...

I'm really excited to make this dress....and complete my first attempt at a zipper! I first learned to sew on your super easy patters 2 years ago! Thanks for making them nice and wordy!