Thursday, April 28, 2011

Naturally neutral

The old saying "She'd look good in burlap" definitely applies to the Sis Boom Rosetta Bag!


I wear a lot of brights, so I wanted a bag that was somewhat neutral for spring. Since burlap is trendy, cheap, and durable, I decided to give it a shot.


I finished all of the edges with a 3 thread overlock stitch to prevent fraying during and after the construction process. Instead of gathering with basting stitches, I just pulled on the jute fibers - so fun and easy!


I lined the bag with unbleached cotton muslin and included pockets on each side for my phone, wallet, etc.


I trimmed the top band with vintage lace and a mix of mother-of-pearl and white plastic buttons.


Doesn't this one look like a screaming toddler?


Cathy said...

OH Carla...what a fabulous bag!!!! I love it!!! That button screaming is too funny! Great job!

Anna said...

Oh my gosh, that's the cutest purse EVER! I love the fabric, lace, and buttons you used. I think I'll have to make one just like it!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

It turned out so cute! Love it!

Melissa P said...

I really like the way the burlap turned out! A completely different, and unexpected, look to the pattern.

judy said...

I love burlap too!! Very pretty!!

Hashi said...

Wow! Nice job! Is it scratchy, though?

the long ladies said...

It's SO cute, Carla! We love burlap and the trim you chose is perfect!

XO the Long ladies

Summer Flies said...

Hey I have passed on an award! Have a look at
I love your sewing!

Anonymous said... it!!!

Ellie Inspired said...

Carla, I love this version of the bag! I've been admiring it for awhile but this burlap one may be my favorite of the ones I've seen!

Kristyne said...

Oh I kow what you mean - I've got a thing for burlap too. A friend of mine has been recovering salvaged furniture with burlap and it loos terrific!

Looking forward to meeting you at the meetup in SLC ;)

Shannon said...

I LOVE IT! It is absolutely fabulous - and makes me want one of my own!

Michele said...

Just gorgeous!!!

Alicia said...

so cool! The burlap & lace are a great combo.

cestMoi Sandy said...

I just pinned this bag on pinterest an absolutely love it!
What an idea!

I will give it a try and maybe I will make the ruffles with pretty lace! And in 3 rows!
Thank you for sharing!