Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dana and Maddie Sew a Long Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of the sew a long!

Today we start sewing! First get your ruffle strip and fold it in half and allign the raw edges to the bodice top. (do for the front and back)

Remember to set your stitch length to the highest you have for gathering purposes. I sew 2 parallel lines to gather

Ruffle until it is the same length as your binding strip. Next as per the directions on page 9 do the binding strip on your ruffle right side down on your wrong side of main piece with your ruffle in the middle.

now onto page 10 of your directions, iron your ruffle piece away from the main fabric and then fold your binding trip over to the front and under (shown below - I folded it up on the left so you could get an idea of the layering) 

In this next pic you can really see how the binding strip is folded under - I ironed it like this and then pulled the ruffle piece up. I just found it much easier to work with this way.

Pull the ruffle bit up - but keep that binding strip down and carefully pin into place. It might want to get away from you or bunch up behind there as you pin so keep your eye on that.

Edgestitch that binding strip in place 

You should repeat these steps for the front and back pieces. and now your front and back main pieces should be complete! 

Tomorrow we will work on the sleeve bands! This is pretty painless so far right? If you have questions hop on over to the facebook page

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