Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Dana/Maddie Top Sew-a-Long Day 1

Hello All! 
Welcome to the very first pattern sew a long! I am pretty excited about this, so i apologize in advance for the exclamations points. 

First, let's start with a little introduction though. Hi!!! My name is Jeanine, I am a recent addition here at the Scientific Seamstress, you might have seen me about facebook if you are there. If you are not you should be! 

Join our facebook lab group for the day to day and to ask away any questions you might have, and just to chat too! Especially if you are sewing along you will want to be in the lab group there is a prize album for Dana's and Maddies is open June 1st until June 15th, 2013. There are some great prizes to be had!!!
If you just found this and want to sew a long (and why wouldn't you?!) Get your pattern in the etsy shop.

(This is me. I thought I would post a picture in case you like to put a face to the writing. ps. I am wearing an Angie dress - pattern also in the etsy shop)

So step 1 is going to be to print your pattern. Make sure you are set to not scale and right before the pattern pieces start at the end of the instructions there is a printing guide so you only need to print the pages for the size you need.  I put arrows on this screen shot to show you where you should be looking. I also always print in draft/fast mode to save on ink

Once you have your pattern printed I assemble every Sisboom pattern in stages. Tape together the A, B, C, D pieces and then tape A to B and AB to C and so on.

And below you can see my pattern ready to go. I also want to mention I always write the measurements I need for non pattern pieces (ruffle and binding strips in this case). I just find it easiest to have it right there and not have to go back through the pattern and also next time I go to make it I have that there so I won't forget those pieces in case I decide to just cut my fabric before opening the pattern, you know, since I've made it before. I read the directions off my tablet as I sew. I find it is a nice size to just have next to me. 

For laying out your pattern on fabric - check the stretch - you want stretch to go across your main pattern piece not with it - As shown in the picture.

ETA: I am using woven fabric

Here are all my fabric pieces cut and ready to sew! Don't forget to make the notches in the binding and ruffle pieces - they will come in very useful when you get to sewing!

Now there is just one thing to do before we start sewing - interface 4 of those sleeve band pieces (2 mirror sets). I didn't have any iron on interfacing - so I had to use sew in (blech). If you are in the same boat - don't waste your time sewing it in!!! Get out your kids glue stick and lightly glue stick them on to your fabric - works like a charm!
(pps. Yes, I did get that interfacing brand new in package at the thrift shop for 25C! and ppps. Do you like my toddlers craft? Can't let my sisboom scraps get thrown out so we craft - she thought her butterfly needed to be in my picture)

On day 2 we will start sewing, but for now you are ready to sew - so go get yourself a snack! I know i am partial to gummy candies :)

See you tomorrow! any questions? Hop on over to the facebook page!


Tomi Gibson said...

Beautiful butterfly!

Carla Hegeman Crim said...

Thanks Tomi! She is quite proud of her butterflies :)