Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Dana/Maddie Sew-a-Long Day 4

Now let us pick up where we left of for our final day of the sew a long!

We had just done the gathering lines along the flutter sleeves. so pin the sleeve down - right sides together to the main piece one pin and each end and one in the middle and lightly gather and spread your gathers evenly.

Make sure your stitch length is back to normal :) 

Sew a long to attach sleeve to arm bands, I should note it might be a good idea to remove pins as you come up to them... go ahead - ask me how I know ! 

Now set your machine to zigzag (or serge if you are lucky enough to have a serger) and finish the edge where you just attached the sleeve to arm bands

NOTE: I do not follow the written directions for the rest - and this is because I prefer to finish my edges after I have tried on and adjusted for the fit I want.

Next you will put the sides together - and sew right up from bottom edge to flutter sleeve top edge.

Back to zig zag to finish off the inside edge

Now remember how we overcast/or zigzaged and ironed that flutter sleeve outside edge? Well now it is time to sew that fold over down. 

Now I overcast foot the bottom hem edge but I do not hem it yet! 

After I have done this I try it one to see how much I should do my bottom hem by and if I want to adjust the fit. For this pattern I wanted it to be a bit more fitted, So I got out my disappearing fabric pen and made the marks to sew as shown below. Then I tried it on again and realized I have minimal hips - I really should have sewn straight down (drawn on white marks) so I went back and sewed straight down. The inner most point is 1.5inches, just so you know how much I took it in. I did this one both sides of the shirt.

I re tried it on and loved the closer fit so then I turned up my hem and sewed it up (I did a one inch hem since I cut it a bit extra long just to be safe - I'm weird like that) I also attached my label to the inside on the side I chose to be the back of the shirt. I chose which side to be front and back based on the fabric pattern being arranged more pleasing to me on one side vs. the other. 

And You have now completed the Dana/Maddie pattern!!! YAY you!!!! Go try it on - get a picture of yourself  and post it in the facebook lab group album titled "Dana/Maddie Sew-a-Long" (or just hang it on a hanger for a picture if you really don't want to post a picture of yourself online)

bonus points that add up to nothing but a cool factor if you put on a funny hat for your picture!

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adayinthelife said...

That is a great top. The tutorial seems to be easy to follow.