Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I LOVE to Read Sewing Challenge Book Look 1: Jillian Jiggs


When I was a kid the Jillian Jiggs series by Phoebe Gilman was my favourite ! She was so creative and energetic, I loves how all her books made me want to make crafts!

Now that I have girls of my own, the Jillian Jiggs series are a favourite of mine to read with my girls and my oldest really loves her and wants to make the crafts and play the games in the books! After reading a Jillian Jiggs book she can entertain herself for a long time turning her bed into a boat or playing "stage". 

For my I LOVE to read look (click link to learn more about the challenge) I chose to base my look on the very first book in the Jillian Jigg series! 

Right on the front cover you will notice Jillian wearing a blue floral dress of her mothers and in the book as she avoids cleaning her room you can see she is wearing a diamond patterned shirt with yellow about the top and ties. Of course, Jillian's little sister is always playign along.

So I made the Sisboom Angie dress in some lovely Sisboom Eloise in navy as my dress. 

For my daughter's Jillian shirt I chose the Sisboom BettyAnn. I thought the straps would be perfect for making yellow on top like in the book, and of course the Sisboom HappyLand fabric has a great diamond patterned fabric in it that I used for the shirt.

I added pockets (in the pattern as an option) because even though Jillian's shirt doesn't have pockets I felt certain she no doubt wishes she had pockets!

the girls and I made fish and fishing rods and then they played fishing and they played pirates!

Thanks for reading and sewing along! I can't wait to see what everyone links up! Also you can get a second entry by adding your I love to read picture to the facebook album!

If you want to make your own fishing game you can use my lazy time challenged mom method:

Get a short piece of dowelling (or 2 or however many kids you have) I picked up a jar of these for $2. at the dollar store. Paint the sticks, be warned your kids may want to glitter them

Then cut out some felt fish. Get out that cheap no sew velcro you bought at the dollar store and then realized it was not sew on. and stick the loopy bit to the fish and then take the snaggy bit and cut 2 squares per rod. You will cut a length of ribbon for your fishing line and put one end on the velcro sticky end, and then put the other piece of velcro over that  - wrong sides together so they stick of course. Then tie the ribbon onto the dowel. Easy peasy! Hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry. haha.

Happy fishing and happy sewing!


Danice said...

Very cute. I love the Eloise fabric and the Angie and BettyaAnn patterns. The kids do look so happy in their new clothes :)

Sobuzy said...

Too sweet! Even my grand babies are too big. :(. They grow up soo fast! Thanks for sharing...it's bringing back fond memories!