Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Double Ruffle of Cuteness! (Tutorial)

The Cathy pattern has several ruffle options in it for all those who love a good ruffle! But today I want to convince you to try out the double ruffle! It is not much harder than a single ruffle but it just adds that extra pizazz, and looks oh so sweet!

I made this little cheeks Cathy a size up from her measurements since summer is a LONG ways away yet! and a size up is perfect for layering and choose a short dress length. The pattern goes from 6/12m up to 11/12yrs. 

Have these pictures convinced you to try the double ruffle yet? 

I assume by now you are convinced to try this tutorial, as you should be !

For cutting you will cut your bottom strip as per the pattern for the length and width and for the top ruffle fabric you will cut the same length and number of pieces, but a couple inches shorter. I did 2.5inches shorter. on my 18m size Cathy.

Next you will sew the ends together for both ruffle pieces as per the pattern.

Now you will iron and hem both ruffle bottoms. Or if you get a bit lazy like me and can't be bothered with the iron late at night you can use the cheaters method and glue stick the first fold down and then just pin and hem :) shhhh. I didn't admit to that!

Now pin both your ruffles raw edges together and sew your 2 basting lines, using 2 basting lines is VERY important with a double ruffle!!!!! 1 line is not strong enough your thread will break. Don't cheat on this step.

Now you just gather up to fit the dress and sew as per the directions in the pattern! 

and now you have adorable double ruffled goodness on the bottom of your dress! 

If you are me then your oldest neeeeeds a dress as well! I used one of the ruffle options in the pattern to make hers, and she choose her appliqué. 

Is it just me who has a next to impossible time getting a picture of both kids together? 

Do you have a favourite "cheater" method you like to use when sewing? 

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Anonymous said...

hi...when basting for the ruffles you can use a zig zag stitch over some very heavy thread or fishing line and it won't break...saves a few very well, been doing this for years...Jan

Anonymous said...

I looked and looked but can't find how much extra length is needed to make the ruffle so it 'ruffles'nicely.
My apron bottom is 30" - should the ruffle be one third or half longer - or even more?
Do you have a recommendation or rule of thumb?
Cheers, Mal AU