Friday, February 28, 2014

Hop Into Spring with a Front Pouch All the Rage Raglan! (TUTORIAL)

Have you picked up a copy of our Raglan shirt pattern yet? This pattern has soooo many possibilities! 
Today I want to show you how to make this huge front pocket! I Have a style of shirt like this that I picked up on sale years ago and I LOVE it!!! I recently pulled it out from the closet and thought - I could make this with the all the Rage pattern! 

For fabric, a light-med weight knit worked perfectly for this style of shirt. I used a very scientific Ohm print found at Girl Charlee, but the basic information is that it is listed as 7oz. Which is absolutely perfect for this project. If you go any heavier the front pocket is likely to weigh down the shirt. As is, I do recommend doing a hood if you are worried about weigh down. 

For this version I banded the sleeves and bottom as shown here. I choose the lapped hood option, did the sleeves an inch shorter than the short sleeve cutting line since I planned on banding them and I choose the 17" length for the 4T size because I wanted it tunic length. to wear with tights. 
I choose the shirt sleeve option so it would look cute layered with sleeves and still be comfy in the summer time! 

You will cut all the pieces for the options you choose as per the pattern to start.  When you are ready to cut the front pocket you will need to create a pattern piece. Take your front/back short piece and lay it down on paper a few inches away from the edge. and then do some quick dashes where the sleeves would go.

Now you will curve down from the top where the neckline/sleeve corner is and go to the bottom - giving a good amount of room at the bottom for the "pocket". You can see the shape you are going for below. You will cut one of these new pieces on the fold. 

Do a gathering stitch at the neckline of the pocket piece

and gather it as tightly as you can.

Now put your front pocket onto your front shirt piece after you have sewn the sleeves on but before you sew the sides together.

Pin it at the top a inch ish away from the sleeve edge as seen below:

Pin both sides of the pocket edge to the shirt edge and for the bottom you can do a gathering stitch or do as I did and do a few small pleats.

Now set your machine to a 3 or medium length stitch and sew the top and sides and bottom of the pocket to the shirt front.

Now you will continue to sew the shirt as per the pattern! Not to hard was it? If you have any questions please feel free to ask us in the LAB group on Facebook!

Do you love it as much as my girl and I do? Please share pictures of any All the Rage Raglans you make with us on Facebook! We'd love to see!


Jill Andrade-Brown said...

Want one in MY size!! ♥


Ooh how funky is that!! Love the fabric choice! Will have to invest in this soon! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Thibault said...

Beautiful! Love this idea. Every little girl loves a pocket to stash her stuff in.