Friday, August 22, 2014

Get ready to BUNDLE!!!!!!! (Bundle UP is LIVE!)

The BundleUP sale is finally here!!!!! If you have been waiting for the Field Research Pants you can get them there until the 29th ! They will be in our shop for individual sale on September 10th.

There are so many great patterns in this bundle deal, and you get to pick the number of patterns and which ones you want as well! 

•$4.50 each for 6-7 ($27-31.50 total)
•$4.25 each for 8-9 ($34-38.25 total)
•$4.00 each for 10 or more ($40- $48 total)

ALSO start sewing the bundle patterns up for your chance to win!!!! Anyone interested in a $200 CASH prize? Totally awesome, am I right? and there is a prize drawn randomely through Rafflecopter in case you just don;t have time to sew right away. 

What will you be sewing first?

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