Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Straighten the sleeves on the Emily/Shana

Normally the Sisboom Emily (and Shana) tunics have a gorgeous bell sleeve, which I love! 

however... Cheeks has very short limbs and bell sleeves tend to fall into everything when she wears them, so for her Emily I decided to do a straight sleeve and a quick how to for you!

(Berry showing off those gorgeous bell sleeves)

If you want straight sleeves all you need to do is attach the bell piece right under the sleeve piece and just fold it over - you use the bell sleeve cutting line you want for length that way still, but end up with a straight sleeve!  

Is that not one of the easiest tutorials? haha. I'll have to think up something a bit more fancy for next week... Any ideas?

I also did straight sleeves on my Shana tunic last fall!

Now  no reason to pout about fall, there are some GREAT patterns available in the shop for fall sewing!

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