Monday, September 29, 2014

Adding Pockets to the Portrait Peasant

This week on Project Run and Play it is denim week!!!! 
This was the week I was most nervous about, but I actually got it sewn before upcycle week haha. Turns out I didn't have to think toooo hard on how to make denim week not overwhelmingly 90's !

I used the portrait peasant for the top and the easy fit pants for their bottoms. Both the necklines are in the pattern. So, today's tutorial is for adding the pockets! 

I made a size 5 and 2 and my pocket pieces were 6 and 7 inches tall and I made them 9 inches wide (better a bit extra than not enough). Serge or zigzag your ends. and then you will fold over the one side that will be in the center of the shirt and then fold over the top edge 1/4 inch and then another 1/4 inch. You can also add a hemband along the top as you will see in a little bit.

Next, you will pin your pockets onto the fronts and sew along the inside edge and then baste along the bottom and around the outside edge. Then you will just finish sewing up the portrait as per the pattern!

I personally LOVE the pockets on peasants! My kids also adore the pockets and promptly collected rocks and leaves and things when we went out on our picture walk !


Anyone want to guess what I'll be sewing/showing for signature style week next week?


Joy Candrian said...

Super adorable pockets, any child would love them!

crys0904 said...

These are so super cute! Matchy matchy sisters always make me smile. Great job!

Shaffer Sisters said...

Very nice tutorial! The girls look very comfortable. Love, Momma Shaffer

Beth Cavanaugh said...

Oh, I love the wide-leg chambray pants! And pockets on anything are fantastic ;)

Skirt Fixation said...

Ha ha! We had denim week done before upcycle week too! Love these tops!

Melissa Rebel and Malice said...

Ha those are adorable!! I have a kitten obsessed child who would adore this!