Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Reverse Sisboom Sophie Tunic

So yesterday I showed you my signature style look and promised a tutorial! 

So here is what you do for the overshirt Sophie !

As you can see below I used the front for the back and the back for the front. I hi-lo'd the pattern at the bottom. You will want to do the front dip a bit lower for the back so it has more head room and easy on and off.  You will still use the facings and sew the shirt the exact same way as the pattern states, except you skip the slits.

If you want those cute button tabs you just cut 4 in the shape you want for the tab and sew around, turn and then layer them on the back on the wrong side of your sleeve with your contrast cuff on the other side ( the pattern shows how to add the contrast cuff)

Then pin the tab down and topstitch the contrast blok and the shirt.

Then flip up and sew a button on ! It is not a functional button tab, just a decorative one 

Any other tutorials you would like to see happen here on the blog?

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