Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cheeks' Chic

When I (Jeanine) started thinking about what to sew for "signature style" week on PrP I had to do a lot of thinking... What do I enjoy sewing, what do I sew, what would I like to be sewing ???

The answer I came up with? I like to sew practical clothes that can get everyday wear, but I also like them to have some elements that are a bit unique and I like changing up patterns a little for a new look. 

For my signature style I chose to do a cute layered look. You all know I'm a big fan of tunic type tops and layering with leggings and skinnies. So here is my take on it!

I used the Sisboom sophie for the red shirt. I made it in reverse and hi-lo'd it and then did a little contrast band on the sleeves with button tabs. The little green butterflies because I LOVE colour and fun and a surprise "pop" !

Underneath the Sophie hi-lo is a plain elongated top version (in the pattern as an option) Scientific Seamstress Portrait Peasant, short sleeves and a little yellow button for fun, so she can wear it as a separate and not be all dark and brooding looking.

For the pants I used the Sisboom Kaitie's I made last month. They are skinnied with the Field Research cargo pockets and you can find that info tutorial HERE

It is chic for going out, practical for everyday, fun for playing in the leaves and comfortable enough she wanted to wear it all day long. Signature style success!

 And for the first time ever I've sewn along to ALL the weeks on Project Run and Play! wahoo!

Look for the Sophie tutorial here on the blog tomorrow if you want to create your own crop look hi-lo over shirt!


Unknown said...

Super cute!!

Joy Candrian said...

Love the black top so much! http://xoxograndma.blogspot.com/

Ann Wright said...

Jeanine, You are so creative. First, the pictures are great; they really capture Cheeks' essence. The clothes are adorable.

Someday maybe I will have a little granddaughter. For now, it's a teenage boy whom I adore.

crys0904 said...

THOSE PANTS! I love them! And the tops are so great for an active, crazy little one that still needs some style.

Emily Thompson said...

so cute!! I love the pants with the cargo pockets... perfect!! Love this signature style! I just linked up my all boy style and I'm loving all the other links! Emily