Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Patricia Tunic Opens Up!

So this tutorial started out by me browsing pinterest under the fashion label and I noticed a few tunics I loved with a wide open neckline but a free fit similar to the Patricia Tunic

So naturally I had to try out this modification :)  This top is sewn exactly the same way as the pattern describes - exactly. The only change you will do to get this look is cut your facing piece as seen below. The top triangle ish piece is cut out to open the neckline and the bottom piece cut off is to round the bottom. Of course you can open it as much or as little as you like and have the bottom left square if you'd rather.

I also used a longer cutting line in the back. For a little more bum coverage when I wear with tights. 

Happy Sewing!


Brianne Matlage said...

i think i need this pattern. so many possibilities

Paisley Roots said...

That is so fun!! It looks perfect on you!

Danice said...

Very cute tunic pattern and fabric :)