Monday, December 2, 2013

I would be A-line-ing if I said this wasn't a fun Tutorial!

Colour blocking is always fun - am I right? And it is so easy to take our A-line dress pattern and with a few simple steps you can have a fun new look! Our A-line dress pattern also comes with doll sizes!
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To start with I find it easiest to redraw the pattern. I use a newpaper roll end that I picked up for $5 years ago from the local printers and there is no end in sight! (It is crazy how much paper is left on a roll end!) 

After I have the basic shape drawn I decide on what I would like my colour block chunk to look like. Do these steps for the front and back pieces. For the front you can see I went for a up shape that tapers at the edges. In the back I went for a straight across band. 

It is very important you measure the width of your colour block so you can get it the same for both the front and back! We want those side seams to line up! It is also important to pay attention to the overall length so that from armhole to bottom is the same length for both the front and the back.  

For the 'straight' across bottom hemband on the back of the dress I used the hemline template so that the curve is perfect to follow the bottom as well. 

You will cut your pattern pieces now according to how you drew them. the part you marked off as the colour block is it's own pattern piece now. 

IMPORTANT: when you cut the colour blocked pattern pieces it is VERY important to add a seam allowance to both the main dress and the colour block. If you look below you can see I gave myself the standard 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Now aftre you have cut your pieces out you pin the colour blocked piece to the main piece and sew them together with the seam allowance you gave yourself.

Below you can see the sides line up and so does the colour block! Very important to measure well :) As you can see my measuring on my back piece was a bit off. 

Now you sew up the pattern as directed! Be careful to line up the side seams when you are putting your front and back together !

This dress is such a fast and easy sew! Even with the colour blocking... and checking of facebook as I sewed... I had this dress completed in a short evening!

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Fabulous Carla!

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