Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Yoga waistband Easy Fits Tutorial and a little Nursery Rhyme fun!

This October 2015 we are having some FUN in the LAB group and on facebook! hashtag your costume pics made with Scientific Seamstress or sisboom patterns #sscostumes (so we can search and find) and we will be finding a few people to cheer up :)

So let's start off this month's blog fun with a little inspiration from last year! 

I think I changed my mind a dozen times. But one thing I knew I wanted was something practical and warm and something that could be worn as an outfit or jammies after Halloween!
I used the All the Rage Raglan and the Easy Fits for this outfit. and Nimblephish's ITH mouse.

Cheeks brought me a book of nursery rhymes to read and I KNEW what I had to do!

The clock is a simple hand done applique to the front using felt and buttons and ric rac. I was able to complete this entire costume - including making the applique pattern pieces and cutting everything to sewn in one 4hr evening sewing stretch! I consider that a total WIN! 

I added a little dip and bias to the front of the shirt because I used a flannel lining to the hood which took away the stretch and I added arm cuffs and a hem band to help keep Cheeks cozy! For the pants I used the Scientific Seamstress Easy Fits pattern and made them in knit with a yoga waistband

To make a yoga waistband for your easy fits: 
1.Find some knit with a GREAT recovery and stretch (I prefer a nice 4way with some lycra) 
2. Cut a pieces of knit  measuring a few inches smaller than the waist measurement by about 8 inches tall (though height is preference - remember it will be folded in half)
3. Sew the ends together (right sides together)
4. Fold waistband in half wrong sides together. 
5. Place waistband inside pants - right side of pants to waistband. and then pin the waistband in place evenly around.

You will need to stretch the waistband to fit the pant. I generally pin front and back, and then sides. I find it easiest to just pin in quarters and then stretch the waistband as I sew. 

and all done!

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