Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First eBook of 2010!

My latest effort definitely has me thinking outside the box...actually, I'm thinking inside the box, under the box, and on top of the box, too! Case Study: Basic Boxes gives patterns and instructions for making sturdy fabric boxes in 3 sizes. It is the first of three patterns that are based on the same construction concept. My original plan was to make a camera bag (because I needed one), but I found that I really needed to optimize the box architecture and materials before I could even think about things like straps and pockets. I made lots of little prototype boxes, and found that they were really cute and useful! So I decided to release the box technique as a stand-alone pattern for the super-duper price of only $5 :) .

The small size makes the perfect little trinket box. I used a gorgeous Sis Boom Fabric (Ann Flower Mural) and centered the motif on the top of the box. I'm planning to use the medium sized box (made from a very girlie Patty Young fabric) to organize my makeup in fine style. The big box was going to stay in the sewing room and hold notions, but Louie took it for his "puppies" (menagerie of little stuffed animals) and it is currently getting kicked and tossed around the living room. At least I can say with authority that the boxes are sturdy...sigh.

I was really giddy over the testers' creations! Cathy, Jeanne, and Marlo used their favorite Sis Boom fabrics to make some drool-worthy boxes. Amazing how many looks can be achieved just by mixing up the fabric selection!

Marlo made the size large box, and found that it holds an impressive number of video games!

Stephanie used awesome red, black and white fabrics to build her daughter's Zhu-Zhu pet a contemporary home. Doesn't she look cozy?

Tom made his family a complete set of boxes using a stunning collection of floral fabrics. He actually pieced the tops of the medium and large boxes. Aren't they beautiful??? I just love love love seeing them nested and stacked - so many display possibilities!

Head on over to YCMT and check this one out (and be on the lookout for the camera bag in the next week or so)!


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

SO excited for the camera bag!

Tabitha said...

Those are really great, I must say I have a wee fondness for the florals from Tom--but a box that holds some video games will be on the list to make!

Cathy said...

Love the boxes!!! They are so fun to make too! Mine is currently at school holding a bunch of stuff like scissors and staples and rulers and stuff like that...very handy and the kids (students) loved it!!!

Little Buttercups said...

Fantastic idea! So excited to get my hands on this one! Have been looking for storage for the girls shelves forever!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

where have I been ...AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool idea and we love our box!