Saturday, January 30, 2010

Simple shape up

It was another busy week...two eBooks in the works, a quick (but very fun) visit to my folks' house in Richmond, and getting the house reasonably clean for a houseguest of our own. Luckily, this guest brought decorating inspiration with her, making this week's project a breeze.

Above is the space in question. As you can see, it isn't totally blank. When we first moved in, I painted the stripes over dainty rose wallpaper (which I loved, but Louie did not). Overall, it is a bright, happy room, but it just needed something above the bed. My good friend Julie Jordan arrived with a poster that was absolutely perfect in terms of color and educational value. All we needed to make it work was a huge frame.

So off to IKEA we went! The camera was able to come along thanks to my rectangular Boxy Bag. Julie scored a prototype, and it held her phone, wallet, brush, and other purse stuff nicely.

In keeping with the geometric theme, I made Julie a Sis Boom Meghan Peasant using Kimberly fabric from the Dance with Me line. Julie is of Scandinavian descent, so she looks right at home in front of this mural in the cafeteria.

After a successful shopping adventure, a great lunch, and a little playtime, we headed home to hang the poster.

We couldn't find a frame that fit the poster exactly, so we went a bit bigger. We covered the included mat with a colorful checkerboard fabric and placed the poster over the fabric. After a little bit of fussing with tabs and wires, we were ready to hang.

Perfect! I'm hoping Lou will learn the names of all of the convex polyhedra with regular polygonal faces by the time he goes off to college. If not, he can take this with him.

I can't blog about a visit with Julie without including some of the wonderful vegetarian cuisine we ate while she was here. Louie and Julie collaborated on the guacamole...

...while Del worked on the homemade tortillas for cheese and roasted red pepper quesadillas.

YUM! Thank you Julie for the awesome poster, great food, and your wonderful friendship!


Cathy said...

What a great time with Julie!!! I love the bags you made and the top too! What a hit with the poster! Oh Carla I just love you...getting Louie the perfect polyhedral poster! Seriously great stuff! and matted and framed to a tee! I love how you painted his wall! Such a cheery room! That meal looks so yummo!!! Hugs to you all!!!

Oh and I could use some of your energy! You're on fire girlfriend!!!

Julie said...

What a fine story of my visit! Carla and I always have a great time together and it's special sharing it with all of you. This is my first comment on a blog, so in a way it's a birthday. Love you Carla! Julie

Jennifer said...

Julie looks gorgeous!!!!!!

Alison said...

Oh Carla...please say one of the e-books in production is for the darling little dress on Jen P's site! I'm waiting with bated breath for that sweet little number to emerge from my sewing machine.

Love your patterns! I think I have them all and am currently working on bowling shirts to surprise my 3 and 6 year old for our Wii family bowling events. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces!!!

Thanks for making us all better seamstresses! You rock!

Mindy A. said...

WOW! What a great time you all had! Love the poster, it is PERFECT! And what great food! YUMMY!

...t. said...

College? Let's just worry about Kindergarten first!

mmmm...guacamole. My favorite, though I'm too scared to try to make it. My attempt at hummus didn't go over very well. and Dels tortillas look perfectly round and mine never are LOL. Of course I've been rolling them out w/ wine bottles filled to varius quantities since I don't have a rolling pin. WHAT? I dont' have a rolling pin? Crap!