Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Tutorial for the Devon & Leighanna ! Also Quilting Isn't Funny Winner!

Today we have a great tutorial (ish) for a few simple changes you can make to your Devon and Leighanna patterns! 

BUT, first some business! Do you remember the giveaway we held for The Bitchy Stitcher's book: Quilting Isn't Funny a while back?  
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 Helen said...
Funny? Really? Quilting isn't funny at all. It's a most-serious thing. There is to be no fun, no joviality, no reason to want to go to your sewing space.

LOL...of course, sewing is many things. It's FUN, it's REWARDING, it's FRUSTRATING, it's PLEASURABLE! And, reading Megan's quips and silliness about quilting makes it SO MUCH more.

I just want one of her ironing board covers...would like to have that hunk looking up at me while I'm pressing my fabrics!!!


(Oh, I can hardly wait for the weather to accommodate outdoor pictures again!)

Now back to business, the tutorials! Let the fun change ups begin!!!

For making a button loop you follow the drawstring tutorial but just do it on a shorter scale. I did 5 inches long and as you can see I had plenty of extra 

  1. Sew the Neckline facing as per the directions but do a basting stitch where the loop will go in.  
  2. Sew all around as per the instructions WITHOUT the loop in place!
  3. Then you unpick your basting stitches and cut the slit.

Now you will be putting the loop in place.
  • To figure out where you will place the loop figure out where the casing will be folded over to and put it in the spot where the drawstring would be as shown in the picture below.
  • To determine loop length I picked out my button and placed the loop in and folded over to the right side and made sure I could loop the button and everything would line up tidy with the slit placement. 

Then I cut off the excess loop fabric, zigzagged the ends and turned the facing out and top stitched around the slit.

Don't sew your button on until after you have made the casing and done the elastic.

For the banded bottom sleeves I measured the bottom length of the sleeves and cut a piece of fabric the length of in a width I thought would look nice for where I wanted my sleeves to fall. 

Stitch and finish or serge the band to the sleeve (right sides together as shown in the picture below) and then finish the sleeves and shirt/dress according to the directions in the pattern

My daughter insisted on wearing her shirt made from the Sisboom Emily pattern since it matches my Sisboom Devon perfectly and joined me for a picture. 

Fabric used is from Sisboom's Lucky Girl fabric line!

Who is loving all the little tutorials for changing up the patterns you already have? Any pattern you would love to see a modification made for?


Renee A Davis said...

Your top turned out soooo cute, love the fabric also.

Renee A :=}

Shanna said...

Fantastic idea! I am going to explore this idea after I get my first devon made in the next few weeks. Thank you so much for sharing!!*\0/* Shanna