Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Slim Down the Easy Fits, A nice and easy Tutorial!

One thing we hear a lot of is how much everyone loves the easy fit pattern, but many times we also hear a request for a how to slim the leg down tutorial.  Above you can see the slimmer leg and below the wide leg version and then the side by side of the two. 

 This tutorial is really quite simple :) and I'm sure you will love it and we would LOVE to see pics of your creations! If you blog about our patterns anywhere feel free to give us a shout out! We'd love to pin you and help show off your work!

First I took my regular easy fits pattern and traced around it onto my paper. (I got a newspaper end roll for $5 at the local printing shop 3 years ago and I don't think I've used half of it yet!)

Next I drew a new line, as you can see below I started at the crotch/butt curve and went down and in from there. For a size one I took off 3 inches of leg width. I left the front the same width as my babe is still in diapers. If I was making this for my non diaper wearing child I'd take an inch off the center as well. 

Now you cut your 2 pieces and sew as per the pattern! If you'd like a how to lower the front tutorial check us out on facebook! There is a photo tutorial for that in our facebook group :)

Hope you enjoyed! and I'll update this post once I get the oldest in her slimmed version! 

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