Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Stop on the Road Trip - TORTOLA!

Introducing the Sisboom Tortola Tank Pattern!

(Jenny showing off her lovely Beauty Queen Tortola)

The newest Sisboom pattern is the womens Tortola Tank pattern! This woven tank (cut on the bias) features many length options, high and low neckline, slit option, and has facings making it a fast and easy sew. There is also a full bust adjustment cutting line on the pattern pieces for every size for those of you who need a particular size for fit but are more blessed in the chest area.

The Tortola Starts at xs (upper chest measurement of 31"-33") and goes to 3xl ( upper chest measurement of 48"-52"). For this pattern you will need 2yds of fabric for xs-s, 2,25yds for m-l, 2.5yds for xl-1xl, 2,75yds for 2x-3x.  

Shannon made quite a few Tortolas!

Kelly from Handmade Boy

Lore in her Tortola 

Tera showing how easy it transitions to the fall with a cardi and some jeans

Nicole made a tank for her daughter and herself

Our Cathy in her Tortola, which made it's way all the ay to Disney World! 

Brianne Made a couple, cherries in woven and then the floral in knit (with woven facing for stability)! 

Becca's soft floral Tortola

Crystal looking very summer fun

Crystal did a print on one side and another fabric on the back! A great way to use up those smaller cuts!

Tomi made a Tortola for her daughter, who I hear has requested more...

Sheri in her floral Tortola

and I (Jeanine) have made many a Tortola! I love how quick this sews up (as in 30 ish minutes) and I needed some woven tanks! Since having a second child I prefer non clingy summer wear.
Berry is wearing the Sisboom Bettyann pattern)

This pattern also upcycles! I used an old button up of the husbands for this next tank (not cut on the bias).

Andrea used a striped print for hers, and I am loving how the stripes look on the bias!

and Angela went for a solid to match it all!

We want to say a HUGE thanks to our amazing testers!

Which Tortola inspires you the most? Will you be sewing it up this week?
Don't forget you can find us on facebook and join us in the LAB for lots more fun!

and ps. The girls version is already in testing! (size range will be all the way up to 13/14!)


annie dee said...

Love this pattern! Looking forward to October. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love and NEED this pattern! HATE that I have to wait until October to get it!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

vernagrace said...

This pattern will be a staple in my sewing kit, looking forward to purchasing it, but with all this hot weather could really use it now instead of October!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pattern! Thank you so much for using models/testers who all aren't a size 4. I really appreciate seeing how it will look on a fuller figure.

Anonymous said...

Are these cut on the bias? Thanks!

Laura Nelkin said...

I'm a member of the Road Trip Sewing Club... and LOVE my Tortola tank! I made one this weekend and it's going to get worn for the rest of the summer!

Thanks for a great, well written, and FUN pattern!

Unknown said...

Super cute tank. Does this have darts for the bust?