Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rebecca dress with a gathered skirt - tutorial!

I don't know about you, but straight skirts never really feel like my friend, and especially not after the second baby. However, I LOVE the neckline and details of the Rebecca pattern! So, I decided to do a gathered skirt on the Rebecca! 

ps. do NOT forget to muslin, muslins are indeed your friends and worth the extra work!

This is really so simple folks! I took the Angie skirt dimensions - and cut them down by a few inches for each pieces (less gathering) and the Angie pocket pieces as well. 

If you don't have the Angie and still want to do this for the Rebecca you will need a measuring tape. Measure your front bodice and then cut a rectangle of fabric that is: bodice width x 1.5 or 2 by the desired length. and then measure side pieces and cut two (2) rectangle pieces that are  bodice width x 1.5 or 2 by the desired length. 

If you are using the Angie measures you can simple cut the second rectangle in half to give you the 2 pieces for the back skirt.

 So you should have 3 skirt pieces. one large rectangle and then 2 smaller ones plus 4 pocket pieces if you are adding on pockets.

Sew your pockets a couple inches from the tops of each skirt piece as seen above and then you put the sids together and sew - like the Angie pattern. and you will have a long skirt piece with the middle in the center and a back skirt piece on either side. Now you gather it up and then attach as per the directed in the Rebecca pattern!

Nice and easy right? 

Now another thing I want to touch on is that the Rebecca is NOT meant to be a skin tight ultra fitted bodice. of course you can size down to get it how close fitting you want it, and should practice getting the fit you want via a muslin.. I want to show you this pic - as you can see I can pinch an inch in front and back.   

but that extra bit makes this dress sooo comfy, and it still looks fitted.

Do you see my zipper?

I LOVE this dress, I love the fit, I love the colours and fabric (the new Jenny Eliza found in Joann's fabric stores btw) and I LOVE the gathered skirt. I feel ready to go have tea with the queen! 


Veronika said...

Thank you for the tutorial. This looks really good! I have the same 'problem' with super tight shirts - after two pregnancies I prefer a bit more width around the waistline.

Unknown said...

I love how your dress turned out and in the pic showing the toys...that's priceless. I miss my kids being little. I'm happy to see a mom sewing for themselves despite a busy schedule! Beautiful job!! And get on with the tea with the queen *grin*

Bekah said...

I love this SO much! I just bought the Rebecca (and I already have the Angie) so I can make a bunch for work this fall to wear with tights and a cardigan. Thanks again for the great tutorial!