Monday, July 14, 2014

Tobago Here We Come!

We are THRILLED to be announcing the girl's version of the ladies Tortola today, The Tobago pattern

The pattern Goes from size 3/6m all the way up to 13/14! Each size has the option for a little 'V' slit in front, and multiple cutting length options so you can have dress or shirt or anywhere in between length!

The sizes up to and including 3/4 have a loop or tie option for the back to accommodate the toddler/baby head sizes easily into the shirt. 5/6 and above have a straight across back piece like the Tortola pattern.

Carla's pretty niece in her dress length Tobago made from Sisboom fabric's new line, Beauty Queen.

 Cheeks is sporting a shirt length Tobago

My oldest would not put her horse "Sparky" down for pictures! at least it matches her Tobago!

the sizes up to and including 3/4 have a button loop or ribbon tie for back close.

Angela's daughter all dressy in her sisboom circa Tobago 

 Our lovely Cathy made her daughter a Tobago in dress length!

 Kelly let her daughter pick her fabric and I think she did GREAT! Perfect print and style for a tween!

How sweet isn't Lore's little one with her knit Tobago (woven facing) 

Michelle made mother and daughter Tortola and Tobago's 

Mindy's daughter 

Crystal made a few Tobago's for her kids, first up is the one she made her son! 

In dress length with a V. 

Crystal kindly gave me a back shot of the size 5/6 so you can see 

 I just love sister pictures! Tomi made both of her girls a Tobago!

Tomi added a row of shirring to the waist for her middle daughters Tobago 

Brianne's girl got a unicorn Tobago (not n bias)

Jeanne's pretty girl in her fancy Tobago.  

Love the tunic length with tights Crystal choose. 

Lore's pic shows how dressy Tobago can be! I love her fancy button and shoes to match!

Jenny  got fancy with trims on her daughter's Tobago's! This pattern is so great for having fun with!

Christie made this beautiful Tobago for her tween aged daughter

You are sure to love this staple summer piece whether you make it in dress, tunic or shirt length! (And I think it will transition nicely to fall when you layer).  

You can buy it HERE in our etsy, and until July 16, 2014 it is on intro pricing of only $5 !!!

and another Tobago for Berry! You'll see this one again soon :) (blog post tutorial coming up soon!)

If you want the details on the Women's pattern, Tortola, check out THIS blog post!


Unknown said...

Do the larger sizes have modifications for the bust? Or should I use the women's version?

Jeanine The Crafting Fiend said...

Lindsay the larger sizes do not have bust fit, the womens version has darts for the bust though.

you can join the FB group for more help and more direct answers :)