Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Matching May: The Funky Pineapple

Matching May:

May 24-30
Match a favourite tv character/movie character. Be creative and have fun! If the yhave been on a screen let's see your look! ps. Ms. Frizzle anyone???? 

For my matching may I chose to do a pineapple. If you are How I Met Your Mother fans then I have no doubt the pineapple thing drove you nuts too. and since Ted's hair is always a mess like the pineapple This is what I created! 

For this version of the Tortola (or Tobago) you will make as directed for the top half. but when you cut measure where you want the faux peplum to be and cut straight across and then cut the peplum part w (1.5x the total bottom of the shirt)) x length (however long you need)

If you want to do the Funky Pineapple free motion applique I have made a bare bones instructions PDF for you (FREE) . Do the free motion applique before you begin sewing the garment.

Once you have the top part of the peplum completed you will gather your bottom rectangle and attach it to the top part. right sides together.

Finish the edges of the seam. Then on the sides I marked on both sides 4.5 inches do to an elastic casing to cinch it in a bit (you can change this length)

Add a piece of bias tape to the seam to help make a casing (ps, this is exactly how I do the elastic on the angie - just along the whole back)

Fold the now attached bias tape up and sew along the top edge

see - nice and pretty. then you will add your elastic. I always do the elastic so at full stretch it is JUST a bit longer than my casing. sew the elastic down at both ends of the casing.

Then if you want you can add little faux tabs to cover the elastic casing like I did, or leave plain :) 

IF I was doing Ms. Frizzle this would have been my dress btw ;)

What's your favourite TV show? Do you know how the pineapple on HIMYM came to be??? 

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Spangled said...

Love that MLP dress! I have a pair of rainbow dash tights that would be perfect with it for a comic con or everyday. :)