Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tortola (and tobago) get the cap sleeve treatment!

To get cap sleeves you :
  1. Redraw the shoulder lines for the front and back pieces.
  2. Make a new facing set by tracing around the neckline-armpit and a few inches down the sides.
  3. Sew as per the pattern directions

Isn't that a nice and easy tutorial? Gotta love an easy change up!

and if you reeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllyyyyy want to see it on.... here is my we just spent 4hrs in a car with a toddler screaming the last 20mins home because we PASSED grandma/grampa's house and didn't go get a motorcycle ride pic. You can see she is still fit throwing in the pic.... Oh the fun of 2!


Emily said...

Love it!

Tina Voth said...

Love your facial expression, lol. Can't wait to try this. Who knew it was that easy!

Brianne Matlage said...

will you marry me?
i'll move you to san diego. bring the screaming 2 year old too.