Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jamie/Marissa dress Sew-A-Long day 2!!!

Welcome back ladies! (and men?) Today we will be working on the bodice! 

For both the front and back bodice pieces you will do the following steps!

Pin the lining to the outer, right sides together, for both the front outer and lining and then the back bodice outer and lining.

Sew the arm side seam up until the point which is the little circle on the pattern piece. You can mark this point with a pencil, disappearing ink, notch... I personally do a tiny little slit and it is easy for me to know where to stop ! Then sew along the top edge. In the picture below you can really see where my slit is and the stitching along the arm edge

Next sew along the top edge of both the front and back bodices

clip the little edges of the top edge

Now, turn your bodice right sides out, and iron flat - or if you are lazy like me, just really roll out the edges and pin and then sew. I start at where I stopped sewing for the arm side and sew along until i get to the other edge - staying under the opening. (arm bands will go in the openings!

Se the pretty little opening for the armband:

and thus concludes the following of the same steps for front and back bodice pieces.

Front bodice to waistband:

Next sew a gathering line along the bottom edge of the front bodice (stitch the bodice outer and lining)

Pull the bottom threads to gather! (Remember 2 gathering lines will give you a very pretty and even gather)

 Now gather until the bodice front is the same length as the waistband

Pin it, right sides together, and stitch along the edge with the usual seam allowance, and then zigzag or serge to finish the edge.

Now for page 12 I decided to just a quick video for you all! It goes together very fast once you can see it, I think :) Remember if you need anymore help (or just want to chat with an awesome group) to check out the Lab Group!

About this time my baby was needing attention and thought stealing my camera away would be sooooo funny. .. So I think this feels like a good place to stop sewing for today!

See you tomorrow!!! Day 3 we work on the skirt!

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