Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome to the 1st day of the Jamie/Marissa Sew-A-Long!

before we get to the actual sewing I want to go over the printing out. You only need to print the pages you need for the size you are making, our patterns are NOT nested! (yay!) Also be sure to print on "actual size" and then to measure the 1inch square just to be sure :)

ok, so I forgot to take pics of cutting the fabric - Well to be honest I had... but my nearly 3yr old grabbed my camera to take some selfies and deleted it :(

(her selfies are getting better lol)

Ok, so piece wise you should have:
  1. 2 front bodice pieces (lining and outer)
  2. 2 back bodice pieces (lining and outer)
  3. a front waistband and a front waistband lining (remember the front waistband outer will be wider than the lining)
  4. 2 skirt pieces.
  5. 2 arm band pieces
NOTE: To make my Jamie nursing friendly I cut the full bust cutting line (even though I do not have the full bust! If you do have the full bust you may want to go up a size for the bodice pieces (the bottom is gathered anyways to the waistband size you need so you will just be giving yourself ease room in the bustline)

Remember the notches are important to cut and taking the little extra time to cut them now really will save you hassle when it comes to sewing!

Here you can see the outer and lining waistband pieces:

Now in the pattern it shows you to pleat and if you want you can certainly follow those directions, but i did mine a little differently. 

I sewed along each side of the waistband front (longest stitch length) and gathered to be the length of the waistband lining

Remeber to go back to your normal stitch length and then stitch each side down of the waistband outer to waistband lining - wrong sides together.

Next when you ironed as per the directions I hope you did the pleats (fold in half and half again and iron)

Bunch up your fabric in an eye pleasing way and sew down those lines you ironed in!

You will sew 3 down lines :)

Ok, I don't know about you but cutting and sewing up this lining to waistband seems like a good time for a snack break.. So I'll see you ladies tomorrow! Remember if you have any questions be sure to ask them in the Lab Group on Facebook - and that is where the sew-a-long album will be too (and there will be a 3 pattern prize pack awarded via!)

So what are you snacking on today?
(I'm eating raspberries and chips!)


Cathy said...

Off to a great start! So snack wise...salted peanuts! Just a handful. Though I would rather have raspberries! lol

Anonymous said...

Oh yay!! I'm so excited to follow along with this!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do it!

Crystal Baker-Hanson

daniKate designs said...

Thank you for the great deal on the patterns--I'm going to make a dress for myself (the first time in about a year and a half), and am excited that I can make my daughter a matching one. This sew-a-long is just the motivation I needed to sew for myself!

Annie said...

I'm playing catch up already as I couldn't start yesterday. Will fit two days in one this evening!
Can't wait to get started :)