Friday, July 26, 2013

Jamie/Marissa Sew-A-Long Day 3!

Welcome back to the sew a long!!!! Today is the "scary" day! Which means zipper installation - but no worries - I did a couple videos for you! If you would rather see it in pictures check out Cathy's album in the Lab Group on Facebook!

but before we get to the zipper we MUST attach this skirt to the bodice!

Sew your 2 skirt pieces together on only 1 side! So you will have one LOOOONG piece vs. a tube/skirt. I used my Angie pattern for the skirt - so I have pockets

Now sew 2 gathering lines (longest stitch length and no back stitching) along the top edge of your skirt

Pull the bobbin threads to gather

Line it up with your bodice - I pull each side to get the center to line up. I find that the easiest way to get even gathers.

Pin your skirt to bodice, right sides together

Sew it up and then trim and zigzag or serge to finish the edge

Now onto the other side of the skirt, fold it over and line up - pin up and then mark where the zipper metal stop is (as marked by the pen). Mark that point

Now I had to trim my pocket on the zipper side... 

Now sew up the side until you get to the point you marked for zipper end - 1/2inch seam allowance for this part!

video of zipper putting in part 1:

video of zipper putting in part 2:

Now we will take our dress to the sewing machine, move your needle over to the far position and sew nice and close to the zipper and being careful to keep the edges aligned. (I still do a few pins just to keep it in place since I don't have patience to wait for the glue to dry.

Stop sewing a few inches from the end (as seen below)

Repeat the zipper sewing for the other side.

Now you will turn over and mark to finish the square - be sure to have a peek at the good side to make sure everything is staying neatly in place with the glued in bits. 

Sew that square up! and then turn around and admire your tidy zipper install! 

So how was the zipper putting in? Was it easier or harder than you expected?

Remember you can find us on Facebook in the Lab if you need any extra help or want to chat! The album for finished Jamie/Marissa's will be open until the end of my day on the 7th of August!

Tomorrow we will do the straps and finish off the dress!

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