Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jamie/Marissa Sew-A-Long Day 4!!!!

Oh my gosh - today is the last day of the Jamie and Marissa sew-a-long!! Can you believe it?! Are you excited that the sew a long is done in time to wear the dress for Sunday? I know I am happy to have it done!

So let's get started! The hardest part of this dress is done, so today we have a fairly easy sewday !

First I want you to take the two strap pieces and fold them so the longer ends are together and then sew them up!

Turn them right sides out :)

Now to cut your elastic, cut the back  according to the chart whether you are nursing or not. If you are a nursing mom cut the elastic like 4 inches extra - I only used about 2 inches extra after adjusting ( more on that later) but better safe than sorry I always say.

now put the seam of the strap towards the middle and then bunch it up - attach it so the front of the strap is facing the front of the bodice

Sew it on. Do this for both sides of the straps to elastic on the bodice front!

Just sew the strap/s into the end, be sure to tuck in the edges nicely (see above pic). 

*If you are doing the nursing modifications sew in only 1 of the straps and then pin the other. 

Now take your back elastic and feed it through

I always pin with a bit of extra out so it is easy to attach the straps

Attaching the straps to the back bodice - I really couldn't take better pics than in the pattern, so hopefully if those confused you this will help :)

Sew the straps down into both sides of the bodice back, again being sure to tuck in the edges.

Now if you are a nursing mom - check the fit of the front elastic, to make sure it sits nice but you can still nurse :) This pic is me at 11 pm with no make-up and hair obviously not done haha. Black and white to make it even scarier!

Now hem that bottom and you are good to go!

Dress is DONE!!!!! YAY!!!! Do you love it? Try it one and snap a pic and post it in the Album in the Facebook Lab Group and you are entered to win a prize! (you don't have to post a modelled pic if you are uncomfortable, just thought I'd throw that in there - especially if you are making the Marissa )

Here is my finished Jamie picture ! I LOVE my dress!!!! and my husband says he loves it too! I also love that I did the pockets from the Angie pattern :) YAY pockets! 

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