Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Adding Cuffs to a not Reversible, Reversible Romper

Who loves rompers on the littles? I know I see a bunch of hands shooting up! I just adore the look of the wide legs and watching them walk around in their unskilled way! 

Our Reversible Romper pattern is so great for getting a custom fit (and it does give the average heights as well if you are making by the age and can't measure the child). The size range is NB-5T and includes the doll size pattern as well if your child has a 15" or 18" doll !

I often (read usually) choose to not make reversible patterns reversible for one simple reason, if my kid is getting something down the front it usually manages to go down on the inside of the outfit just as much as it does the outside. So I use cheap plain broadcloth to line! 

For this romper I decided to make a size up and surely my short legged babe will have a growth spurt this summer! (right??) so I wanted to add cuffs, rolled up they are cute and coordinating, unrolled you would never know there was a pretty "cuff" on the other side! I like to try and get as much wear out of the kids clothes as I can, especially when I make for the youngest.    

Now the key to this is picking two fabrics you think are going to look amazing together since the cuff will show for half the time they fit this outfit.

Get out your pattern and measure yur child or use the chart to know the length of where they are now, and then add a few inches for where you think they could get too before they outgrow the torso length.

You can see my fold line below. Cut the outer fabric full length! (ll the way to wher you think they will get too) but for the lining cut above the line out of your broadcloth and below the line out of your coordinate. You'll see some clearer pics below. 

Cutting the cuffs from the fold line and below.

 Now you will put right sides together on both pieces, cuffs to the top of the lining. as seen below.

Once you have that done you stitch up the pattern as directed by the pattern directions! Easy peasy! 

Now enjoy a little toddler smile! (and then go find a baby or toddler or 18" doll to make this romper for! It is tooooo cute to not get made!)

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