Wednesday, March 26, 2014

heeeellloooooooooooooooo doctor! (adding front pockets to the bowling shirt!)

Adding Front Pockets to the Bowling Shirt Pattern:

This is really a simple one to do. Cut 4 squares the length of the pocket you want and the width to match your front pieces. Put 2 pieces RST and sew along the top, flip and then do a topstitch. Repeat for the other side. 

Then you place your "pockets" which are really only sewn on one side and place pretty sides up onto the front pieces as seen below and baste stitch in place on the other 3 sides for each one. 

Then you carry on sewing your Bowling shirt as per the pattern!

This works great for making the Bowling shirt into a doctor shirt! (I also moved the buttons over to be off center as you can see, for a more doctor look) 

Remember the Bowling shirt pattern is updated now as well! New sizes and an unlined finishing option!

On Craftsy and, the option should be there for you to re-download.  If you bought through another site or Etsy please email a proof of purchase to or or contact seller on etsy in reply to your purchase. The Update is FREE of charge to those who already have the pattern :)

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