Friday, March 7, 2014

The Simply Sweet just got Sweeter! (tutorial)

Now I must admit I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Simply Sweet pattern - like madly, deeply, truly. This pattern has so so many options in it (!) and then all the tutorials here on the blog (including 4 princesses) this pattern is SERIOUS bang for your buck!

(pockets are from the Annabel Apron in the book, A Girl's World)

For this dress you will want to cut the empire bodice front pieces and then the halter back pieces (and of course the ruffle straps and skirt)

When you go to cut the ruffle straps you need to give yourself some extra on either end since you will be using the halter back and not the bodice piece for the back.

Remember you are cutting the halter back for the bodice, not the regular bodice piece for the back.

Now you will sew the ruffle straps and do the elastic as per the directions ion the pattern. After the straps are ready to go I want you to run a basting stitch (go back and forth a few times) to attach them together at the bottom on ONE end of them. Now get you one of you halter back pieces - mark the middle and place the together end of the ruffle straps in the center and baste stitch in place.

Noe place your other halter piece/s over top (right sides together) and swe along the top edge. 

Sew the back and front together as per the halter directions in the pattern. and then flip to the back and sew the casing lines until an inch from the strap end on either side as you see below.

For your elastic measurements you will take the piece of elastic and cut in half, but then remember that there is a spot in the middle that will not have elastic so cut an inch or 2 off each piece of elastic. (general rule of thumb is stretch the elastic out and it should be at the start and end of the casing line on each side)

Now thread your elastic through, stitch it down at the side seams and then again when you get to the casing line end towards the center. Do this for each side.

and TA-DA! Your bodice is done! Now follow the directions in the pattern for finishing up the skirt of your choice and finishing the dress.

A simple modification, but what a dose of cuteness it adds to the look!  
Foxes fabric is from Timber and Leaf the denim look is from a remnant bin and unmarked.

What is your favourite colour combo for spring wear?

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Heather said...

Love it! I've often thought about doing this but didn't want figure it out. So thanks for doing that for me! lol