Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Bowling Shirt is New Again!

We are so very excited to introduce you to the new and improved Bowling Shirt! Buy it now on Craftsy and on Etsy or if you have the older version you can get the updated version for FREE! 

On Craftsy and, the option should be there for you to re-download.  If you bought through another site or Etsy please email a proof of purchase to or or contact seller on etsy in reply to your purchase.

We have also emailed those we had on file who have previously purchased the bowling shirt pattern and have sent the updated file so please check your emails! If it is not there then PLEASE email us so we can verify purchase and send you the updated pattern FREE of charge!

What is new you ask? Well, the sizing is extended all the way up to 11/12 (from the previous 7/8)! and there is an unlined finishing option in the directions as well! 

Here is Louie in the new 9/10 size

and here he is modelling the 11/12 size, a bit big but kids grow fast!


Anonymous said...

BEST NEWS EVER!!! I went to make my son his yearly St Pats shirt for the parade here in Savannah and realized he'd outgrown the pattern! I was so sad, as I've been making him shirts since he was tiny using this pattern...thank you SO much for extending the sizing!!! You have made my day!

Danice said...

Very cute shirt pattern. I love the fabric with the chickens on it :)

Caroline said...

So happy to read this has been sized up :) I have sent an email :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! What FUN . . . wearing a "chicken" bowling shirt . . . or Dr. Seuss characters! Both versions are FAB! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

I was going to make one for my nephew and my husband is very jealous. Any plans for a men's version?